Excercise & Playtime

Puppies need exercise and should be walked daily. It is important to get into a regular exercise routine with your puppy. Your puppy depends on you for their daily exercise. Not only will your pet's health flourish with daily walks and play time, but so will yours!

Benefits of Exercise

A regular exercise program helps improve muscle development, strengthen joints, prevent obesity, heart disease and the harmful effects of stress. Your pet will live a longer, happier and healthier life with exercise as part of their daily routine. If a daily walk just is not feasible, a half hour of playtime with your family, friends and other dogs can be just as effective and often more fun. Remember, before introducing your puppy to other dogs, make sure they have their vaccinations.

Pet Tip

Puppies are full of energy, however too much exercise may cause them to overexert themselves. Start by setting aside a few minutes of exercise, up to twice a day, and slowly increase exercise time. Always go at your puppy’s pace and paws when needed!


Toys are fun for your puppy to play with and can provide them with endless hours of entertainment. Toys also give your dog a way to let out all of their enthusiastic puppy energy. Aside from the physical benefits, toys can also provide much needed mental stimulation. The right toys can help fight boredom and also prevent problem behaviors from developing. Select a play toy that engages your puppy and increases the likelihood of participation in a playful activity.

More Walking and Exercise Tips

All dogs are different and have different exercise requirements, however always make sure you give yourself enough time to give your puppy or dog the exercise they need. Your puppy/dog should be well exercised upon coming home, but not panting to the point where they are very visibly uncomfortable. Exercise, like anything else, should be done in moderation and with supervision.

One of the consistent themes in training is rewarding your puppy for acting out the behavior that you wish to see, this is often done by using treats and affection. Some people have even used their regular food as opposed to biscuits or treats as a form of reward for great success. If your puppy displays obedience during a walk, reward them for each good behavior. Make sure to include the food and biscuits into your total daily feeding amount. Positive reinforcement is one of the best ways to let your puppy know you are pleased with their actions.

Pet Tip

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