Preparing Your Home

It is time to prepare your home for the arrival of your new puppy. You want your puppy's new den (your home) to be safe, welcoming and secure. Prepare your home just like you would for a baby that crawls. Remove all items and objects that are in reach and may be harmful to your puppy. Puppies are curious and love to chew; they may cause harm to themselves and your belongings.

Pet Tip

Try viewing your home through your puppy’s perspective. Get down on your hands and knees and look for any objects that are in reach that could be dangerous to your puppy's health, such as electrical cables or breakable decorations.

The "Bare Bone" Essentials

You need to have the following supplies ready for your pet's arrival:

Food and Water Dishes

Using non-porous and easy to clean bowls such as stainless steel or ceramic will help keep bacteria from forming and your puppy from chewing their dishes. Remember to wash your puppy's dishes frequently and have fresh water available.   


Talk to your breeder about what food they are currently feeding. Ideally you want to feed the same food for a smooth transition from kennel to home. If you are unsure on how much to feed your puppy check out our feeding calculator.


Choose a collar that is appropriate for the size and breed of your dog. Puppies grow fast, so it is recommended to check the fit of the collar regularly and adjust when needed. Test to make sure the collar won't slip over your puppies head. If you are able to fit two fingers comfortably between the collar and your puppy you have found the perfect balance.


It is recommended, especially early on in your puppy's life, to use a short leash when on walks. The reason for this is simply for control. If your puppy is doing something incorrectly during your walk (trying to run ahead of you or across you for example) this is easier to correct with a shorter leash. Once your puppy becomes an adult, is fully trained and you are comfortable with giving him some space, you can trade the short leash for a longer one and give them some freedom in their walks.

Puppy bed

A pet bed provides a sense of security and comfort for your puppy. Having a designated place for your puppy's bed will help make them feel at home. Choose a bed that has a removable and washable cover that cannot easily be chewed.


A crate is a great way to give your puppy their own place. Make sure the crate you buy for your puppy gives them enough room to lie down, stand up, and turn all the way around, as this will make them feel safe and secure.

Grooming Products

Caring for your puppy means providing them with the grooming essentials that will help them stay clean and looking their best. Here are a few of the basic supplies necessary to keep up with your dogs grooming maintenance; a brush recommended for your dogs hair type, toothbrush and dog friendly toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner (depending on the breed) and nail trimmers.


Playtime is an important time for you and your puppy to bond. Choose toys for your puppy like you would for a baby. Make sure there are no sharp edges, small parts that can be easily chewed or swallowed and contain no toxic or hazardous materials.

Identification Tag

Always make sure your dog is wearing an identification tag with their name and your contact information on it. Get your Your Free Puppy Name Tag Today.


Show your dog the true meaning of Tender Loving Care with treats that are not only delicious, but healthy. Check the ingredient label and look for treats that are free of by-products and chemical preservatives. Treats are a critical tool for positive reinforcement training. Your puppy will be consuming a lot of treats so make sure they are healthy.

Pet Tip

Before introducing your puppy to your backyard, make sure there are no large holes in fencing where your puppy could escape or get stuck.

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